The Fresh Coastal breeze is simply breath-taking. Inspired by Anglesey’s famous, long distance route that follows the majority of the islands coastline, where you can be sure to see , spectacular sights, scenic landscapes, sand dunes, cliff tops and panoramic views of the Isle of Anglesey.

We have blended a specular Fruity and Oriental scent to bring Anglesey’s Coastal Path to you.

A Smooth, Vibrant fragrance, Coastal Path offers Sweet Cherries, Raspberry, and Cassis, with notes of Fig, Orris, Coconut, Sandal, and Cedarwood.

Top Notes included; Cassis, Sweet Cherries, and Raspberry.

Heart Notes include; Raspberry Leaf, Fig and Orris.

Base Notes include; Coconut, Sandal and Cedarwood.

Refresh your home fragrance with a Coastal Path aroma by COHO ALTO. 


Retreat by the Camp Fire with this cosy aroma, inspired by those wonderful evenings with family and friends on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales.

We have blended a specular scent to bring the warmth of the camp fire to you. A Woody Fragrance of the Tobacco Leaf cushioned with Honey accords, Spices and a hint of Citrus Fresh.

Top Notes include; Tobacco, Honey, Spices and Citrus Fresh.

Heart Notes include; Tobacco, Woody and Sandalwood. 

Base Notes include; Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli and Honey.

Relax and Recharge your home scents with Camp Fire by COHO ALTO.


This outstanding scent is inspired by the charming sandy beaches on the Isle of Anglesey. Unwind on the golden sands, surrounded by ambient whispers of the sea.

We have blended a fantastic Fruity, Musk scent to bring the beautiful beaches of the island to you. 

Paradise Beach offers notes of Bergamot, Bright Orange and Rich Amber.

Top Notes include; Fresh Bergamot and Rich Amber.

Heart Notes include; Bright Orange.

Base Notes include; Exotic Coconut, Vanilla and Almond.

Revive your home fragrance with Paradise Beach by COHO ALTO.


For the lovers of adventure, The Climb is inspired by the trails of Mount Snowdon. Breathlessly exquisite, your never too far from picturesque mountain views of Snowdonia with this fresh fragrance.

We have blended a delightful fruity scent to bring you the breeze of The Climb.

Hand-poured The Climb offers sweet fragrance notes of Rhubarb, Pear, Peach, Plum and Blackberry.

Top Notes include; Rhubarb.

Heart Notes include; Pear and Peach.

Base Notes include; Plum and Blackberry.

Rejuvenate your home fragrance with The Climb by COHO ALTO.


An exhilarating fragrance with a subtle burst of ocean freshness, this Fruity and Floral scent is inspired by the Rock Pools on the shingle beaches of Anglesey’s coastline.

We have blended a fabulous fragrance to bring you Rock Pool.

An inviting scent, Rock Pool will certainly infuse your home with a crisp aroma, Rock Pool offers notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Pear, accompanied by soft tones of Magnolia, Orchid, Rose and Muguet, followed by a Musk, Dry Amber and a touch of Patchouli.

Top Notes include; Bergamot, Lemon and Pear.

Heart Notes include; Magnolia, Orchid, Rose and Muguet.

Base Notes include; Musks, Dry Amber and a touch of Patchouli.

Refresh your home fragrance with Rock Pool by COHO ALTO.


Inspired by a scenic Sunset Hike along the Anglesey coastline, this elegant scent has a luxurious Fruity, Woody and Oriental touch.

We have blended a rich fragrance to bring you Sunset Hike. 

This aroma offers notes of Orchid and Lotus Wood, fused with notes of Ylang, Bergamot and Truffle, accompanied by base notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Dark Chocolate.

Top Notes include; Ylang, Bergamot and Truffle.

Heart Notes include; Orchid and Lotus Wood.

Base Notes include; Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Dark Chocolate.

Infuse your home fragrance with Sunset Hike by COHO ALTO.


Introducing a Bold and complex aroma, Springtide. Inspired by the seasonal changes of the mini-climate the Isle of Anglesey has to offer.

We have blended a Woody, Musk fragrance to bring you Springtide.

This striking scent offers Tobacco, Musk and Amber, with a Spicy mixture of Black Tea and Pepper, complimented with vibrant tones of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Top Notes include; Leather, Tobacco, Amber and Musk.

Heart Notes include; Black Tea and Pepper.

Base Notes include; Ages Teak Wood, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Recharge your home fragrance with Springtide by COHO ALTO.


An Enchanting scent inspired by Newborough Forest, a grand woodland to explore with the wonderous waves only a stone throw away.

We have blended a Citrus Fresh, Woody, Musk fragrance to bring you Enchanted Forest.

This memorable aroma offers notes of Bergamot, Wild Flowers, Blackcurrant and Lemon Rind with Balsam, Cashmere Wodos and Tonka, rested on a bed of Pine Oakmoss and Fire Needles.

Top Notes include; Bergamot, Wild Flowers, Blackcurrant and Lemon Rind.

Heart Notes include; Balsam, Cashmere Wodos and Tonka.

Base Notes include; Pine, Oakmoss and Fire Needles.

Refresh your home fragrance with Enchanted Forest by COHO ALTO.