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Mint, Ginger & Tobacco Candle

Mint, Ginger & Tobacco Candle

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Indulge your senses with our elegant Mint, Ginger and Tobacco candle, hand-poured with precision in an emerald glass vessel topped with a luxurious gold lid and sealed with coho alto ribbon.

The perfect blend of luxury, designed to invigorate your senses, this cool and fresh aromatic scent begins its journey with the wild aroma of crisp spearmint, intertwined with the freshly picked fruits of blackcurrant and apple.

At the heart of this sustainable candle, you'll find an invigorating mix where the intensity of jasmine is enriched by sweet clove and fresh ginger, providing a vibrant and energising experience. As the scent settles, it leaves a lasting impression with smooth tones of caramelised tobacco and warm vanilla amber, creating a rich and soothing finish.

Burn Time: approx 60 hours.

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